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Common Electric Oven Faults

Below is a list of the most common troubles that may occur on an electric oven. You can use the useful information guide to help identify the issues related to your problem
No power to oven

This means that either a fuse has gone, the mains have tripped or the wiring coming into the oven have burnt. If it’s a power issue then you need an electrician to fix it before we can repair the oven. If the wiring is damaged then we can repair that.

Oven has power but doesn’t heat up
  • Is the timer set? ( Is the steaming dish showing on the timer)
  • Is the thermostat light on?
  • Is the fan working?
Oven tripping the electrics

This is often caused by an element failing.

Fan not working

Don’t use the oven as it will reduce the life of the element.

Is the fan spinning? Turn the oven on and look to see if you can see the fan spinning, hearing it is not good enough as often an oven has more than one fan

Noisy fan

Is the fan noisy as soon as you turn the fan oven on? If the answer is yes then the bearings of fan motor are faulty. If the noise come on after 5-10 minutes then it’s the cooling fan at fault

Oven burns food

If an oven is burning food then often the thermostat has stopped working and needs replacing

Oven not hot enough

If you have a conventional oven then it means one of the heating elements is not working. Its quite easy to check, turn on the oven for 30 seconds and put your hand near the top and near the bottom of the oven, one of them will not be getting hot.

If you have a fan oven; Iis the fan working? If the answer is yes then the fan element needs replacing

Grill has power but doesn’t heat up

If the light comes on but the grill won’t heat up then the grill element requires replacing.

Oven cuts out (but doesn’t trip the electrics)

This can often be a sensor fitted to the oven to stop the oven overheating which comes on at a lower temperature. Another possible reason is that the cooling fan is not working so turn the grill on and see if can feel air blowing from the fan.

Useful Information Guide

Built in Oven

Free Standing Cooker

Range Cooker

Where is the model number?

What information is on the label?

Wheres the fan?

How do I set the clock 5 button?

How do I set the clock 6 button?

How do I set the clock video?


Selector switch settings

Cavity Functions

Thermostat Light

Cooling Fan

Conventional Oven

Fan Oven

What does the Expert Oven Repairs do?

We fix any problems you have with your electric cooker or oven. We don’t do gas appliances

Who is the Expert Oven Repair?

Expert Oven Repairs is a small team of experienced engineers who will come to your home and repair your oven as quickly as possible

Which areas does Expert Oven Repairs Operate?

We Cover Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. If you have a further problem, you will usually see the same engineer so you will be familiar with him and he will have already worked on your appliance

How can I book an engineer or just get advice on a problem?

To book an appointment or get advice, either call or use the online form and we will get back to you ASAP.

What do you charge?

We charge £59 for call out and to diagnose the problem. To complete the repair it costs £79 + Parts.

If I need a part(s) ordered how long will this take?

It will take 3-5 working days. However if it is urgent and the supplier is able, we can get it the next day

Is the repair work guaranteed?

All repairs will come with a 90 day labour and 12 months parts warranty unless stated otherwise

What if your service engineer cannot repair the appliance?

We will charge nothing. If however you choose not to repair then a minimum of £49 will be charged for our labour.

Do you repair commercial appliances?


What Payments do you take?

We accept BACS (only for landlords/agents), debit/credit cards and cash.

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Contact Expert Oven Repairs today to make an appointment for dependable and professional repairs. We can assist with any problems. We can ONLY help if you have make and model number.

Please call 07435 521219

or email repairscooker@gmail.com


I have just spoken to the gentleman who runs thi s company and he diagnosed and fixed my issue over the phone. It’s good to receive this level of service especially without incurring a charge and I will certainly be recommending him to my friends and family


Fixed the element in our oven quickly and at a reasonable price. When the power to the oven went again, they came out the next day and diagnosed the problem (to do with our electrics) without charging for call out. Very impressed!

Very pleasant gentleman, very helpful.Knew what the problem was straight away and came to fix my oven within 2 hours of me ringing.Excellent service, would definitely use again.

For Immediate Support